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valet parking 3d games

Valet Parking 3D


I got another project and this time I have to remake the Valet Parking game. The main idea is very simple, you have to park the customer's car to the correct parking bay. You're gona need to be quick, have a keen eye and most of all be able to drive. The main challenge is you have to focus all the time, remembering park number and managing your limited time.

Game Design

Different from 2D version that using top-down view, in this 3D version of valet parking games-I have 360 degrees view, so managing the viewport is the main challenge. In 2d games you can easily see when a customer comes or leaves, but in 3D world I need some thing different to show the player that there is a new customer or if there is some customer ask his car back. I have 2 movement modes - the first one is when the player walk or running and the 2nd mode is when the player driving the car. Check this game design screenshots :

valet parking 3d games screenshots
valet parking 3d games screenshots
valet parking 3d games screenshots
valet parking 3d games screenshots
valet parking 3d games screenshots
valet parking 3d games screenshots


I've build this game using Flash Action Script 3 and Flare3D and 3Ds Max for building the graphic. The difficult part when developing this game is to handle some cars movement, collision detection and managing the assets to make the file size smaller, since the output of this game is for browser. So far - I have 7 different cars, 5 different customers and 4 different locations.

I need about 3 weeks to finish the graphics and the main engine, the game in testing phase and i will let you know when the games is publised. Check this game play's video and write me some feedback.

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