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18 Wheelers 3D


Back in 2007 when i was working for FOG, i have a friend called Pavel "Pablo" Zuk. He is very talented guy in pixel art, coding and music (all in one). At that time he was build the truck parking game called 18 wheelers. 18 Wheelers is top-down parking games, and the FOG players love it very much. You'll find 3 version of 18 wheelers, but i preffer the 1st (original version) of the games. The objective of the game is quite simple, park your truck and don't hit any obstacles. We can found a lot of game with the same idea, but 18 wheelers is different, its very-very addictive. That game is also my ispiration when i build the Ace Trucker


18 Wheeler 3D Version

Later on, FOG ask me to build the 3D version of 18 Wheeler using the same engine with Ace Trucker. When i got the project, i want to add something different on the game, but i will use 18 wheeler original version as main reference. So the truck will be different with Ace Trucker's truck. I made quite stylist truck, new building and new levels for it. All graphics from Ace Trucker are replaced with the new one, and its took me around 3 weeks to build the games.
There is no playable link yet, because waiting for FOG's branding, but i will show you the screenshots og the game.


I will post the playable link soon when the game is up, and let me know your opinion about that screenshots. Thanks.