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MPI Component

Library untuk pengembangan multimedia interaktif dengan Flash/Animate


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Library untuk pengembangan laboratorium virtual dengan Flash/Animate


Game Among Us

Membuat gerakan karakter seperti pada game Among Us


Multimedia Interaktif Tata Surya

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Animasi Rotasi Bumi 3D

Membuat animasi bumi berotasi dengan grafik 3 Dimensi


Membuat Kuis Essay

Mengecek jawaban kuis essay pada aplikasi pembelajaran interaktif


Membuat Game Ular Tangga

Membuat game ular tangga dengan Adobe Flash/Animate AS3


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Membuat acak dadu untuk game ular tangga/monopoly


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Membuat Kuis CBT

Membuat kuis CBT, menyimpan nilai ke server dengan PHP dan XML


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Indonesia Soccer League

Play Indonesian Soccer League on Flash 3D Games

Dwarf Village 2


In 2006, before Farmville become so popular, I made the game called "Dwarf Village". The main objective of the game is doing some farming activity like planting some crop, breeding cattle, and many more. I got the inspiration from Harvest Moon game. The first version of Dwarf village is using vector images, so i draw everything in Macromedia Flash. The 1st Dwarf Village is very complex game, using tiling system, pathfinding, and a lot of features, you can check the screenshots and the game detail (in Indonesian language) here.


3D prerendered Version

Six months after the 1st version of Dwarf Village, I change the graphics from vector images into 3D prerendered images. The game look much more better with the 3D prerendered graphics and get a good reception from the players. You can play the Dwarf Village here.
Dwarf Village is very popular games and the mochi version (game with ads) already hit 20,559,803 Impressions. So i decide to remake it with real 3D graphics.


3D Version

Last week I got an idea about the new version of Dwarf Village that using 3D images. I found a good 3D assets (village with a lake, some trees and some houses)as environment scene and retextured 3D character from Lil Smash game, both are the basic models that required for Dwarf Village 3D version. First step that i take was developing the exploring engine. Using sphere collision, i found that it's very simple to build 3rd person exploring game using Flare3D. The character is moving on the terain platform, and performance is quite good eventhough i use the brute force collison. After the character capable to move around, my next step is building the interior of each house. I begin with the main character's house. Next step is adding capability to do some farming activities like planting, watering, cutting, harvesting and in one week the progress look like this :


There are a lot of thing to do to finish this game and I will let you know any update of this project. I will post the playable link soon when the game is up, and let me know your opinion about that screenshots. Thanks.