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FlashDevelop and Flare3D Setup


Most of new flare3D developer find that installing Flare3D and FlashDevelop is quite difficult. So this tutorial will help anyone who want to use FlashDevelop and Flare3D together to built 3D based application. At the begining I want to explain about something that related with Flash 3D thing.

  • What is Flash Develop ? Basically its code editor that very powerfull to handle the Flash Project. FlashDevelop will help us alot and writing some codes become easier and the best thing about it is FREE
  • What is Flare3D ? Flare3D is one of the best framework for 3D base flash application. There are many other framework like Alternativa, Away3D, etc but in this blog i will explain about Flare3D. Not free but yet usefull for any 3D project.
  • What is SWC Library ? is the codes and assets that compiled into single file in SWC format.
  • What is 3D model ? there are 2 format of images, 2D and 3D. You can generate the 3D model using some 3D software like Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender, maya etc. You need 3D models as visual assets for your application.

Step by Step Flash Develop and Flare3D Setup

Follow this instructions below to setup all the software that we need to build an 3d based application :

  1. Install the latest Flash Player. The latest version when i wrote this tutorial is version 11.7.700. You can download it from here
  2. Download the playerglobal.SWC from here.
  3. Download FlexSDK from here or direct download from here. Extract the files to your hard drive.
  4. Open flex_sdk_4.6\frameworks\libs\player folder, create a new folder named 11.7 (depend on your flash player version). Copy playerglobal.SWC into that folder. flare3D setup by wandah_w
  5. Download FlashDevelop software from here. Install flashDevelop to your PC.
  6. Download Flare3D from here. Extract it to your hard drive.
    You'll also found flare3d_3dmax_plugin_v2_beta, this application is a plugin for 3Ds Max. If you have 3Ds Max installed on your PC, then you can use it as F3D exporter.

Using Flare3D example and FlashDevelop

  1. Open file flare3d_prerelease.AS3proj from the Flare3D extraction folder
  2. On the Project Manager panel. Right click on the Project Properties and choose Properties.
    flare3D setup by wandah_w
  3. In the Output tab, Platform group box, select Flash Player version 11.7
    flare3D setup by wandah_w
  4. Go to the SDK tab and make sure that Flex 4.6.0, AIR 3.1 or the latest version is the selected SDK . Press OK
    flare3D setup by wandah_w
  5. You need to add Flare3D library in every flare3D project that you make. To do this expand the lib folder on the Project Manager panel (right side) then you'll find the SWC file(s). Right click on lib\Flare3D_2042.swc in the project tree and check Add to Library
    flare3D setup by wandah_w
  6. Expand the examples folder on the Project Manager panel and you'll find some tutorial files. Right click on Test07_Clones.as and select Set Document Class.
    flare3D setup by wandah_w
  7. Run the project by pressing Ctrl+Enter, and if everything is correct, you'll see the compiled project on your default browser or you can find the SWF file on the project's bin folder.

Project Output

The output project of Test07_Clones tutorial.

flare3D setup by wandah_w

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