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Lil Smash


Tennis is not my favourite sport, but in last 2 month i found that tennis is quite interesting. When i watch the ATP Tennis Tournament, i found that watching tennis games is really breath taking. Later on I did some googling for "tennis game" and i found some good rating PC tennis game like "Top Spin" and "Virtua Tennis". The game play of that game is quite fun, and i want to make something similar - tennis game in 3D

top-spin-screenshot virtua-tenis-screenshot

3D Tennis Game

First step that i take to build the game is making the 2D engine. Using simple bounching ball movement, and adjust it with some variables finally I done with very simple 2D tennis game. Next Step is building the 3D models. For this game i need only 1 rigged character, 1 tennis field and some image as texture. After combining the 2D engine and 3D graphics the 3D tennis game called "Lil' Smash" was done.

There is no playable link yet, but i will show you the screenshots og the game.


Or you can check the game play on this video

I will post the playable link soon when the game is up, and let me know your opinion about that screenshots. Thanks.