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Lost Astronuts


GDI forum made a game jam challenge with Alchemy games as a theme. I don't like the theme, because alchemy is not good for me. But, i got an idea to do something with alchemy - add another theme on it, and the result is Lost Astronuts. I made it approx in 18 hours, most of the graphic taken from random gallery of pixeljoint.com (I can't give all the credits - but i put pixeljoint link there, i hope you don't mind with that). Take a look at the screenshots below :

Lost Astronuts

You play as Astronuts that land on the lonely planet after his spaceship crashed. Your main mission is exploring the planets - find some element - built new element - create something to fix the spaceship - fly home to the earth. The main gameplay is offcourse the alchemy itself. You have to combine one or two element, and sometime you need some tools to make the new element. The challenge is, you have limited amount of the element, and your life is very depend on the oxygen and electricity.

Lost Astronuts Lost Astronuts

To make it more fun, i add some simulation feature - so the combination of elements is always have a purpose (so there is no random combination). You can also build some structure that help you to gain an important element. Like example if you succesfull creating a SEED, then you can combine it again to create PLANT. After you have a PLANT, you can simply plant it - and it will generate Oxygen for you.

Lost Astronuts

At the end, if you succesfull creating some stuff that fix your space ship you can fly home!!. Yes, it sound simple - but try it. Let me know if you can finish it or not! and dont forget leave me some feed back. I made it in 18 hours so its very far from perfect, and not deeply checked for bug - but i hope you ENJOY it ;)

Lost Astronuts

Playable link

Play this game here : http://www.wandah.org/lost-astronuts.php

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