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One Game A Month


On OneGameAMonth website we can found a good challege to try to create one new game each month. There is no prize for that but its meant to help us on a personal level in game development. The January's optional theme word is: "PORTCULLIS". I decide atleast to try enter this challenge however i got another commercials projects for this month, so my mission is not one game a month, but i will try to make 2 - 3 games on this month. Here is my progress :

No Tittle Yet

I got inspriration from Yellow Planet games. Flare3D have some very good tutorials and I think Yellow Planet is the best example to build game in a short time. So i start on Jan, 4rd with a very simple idea, a mini RPG Action type. Player will control his avatar (medieval guy), moving around on a small planet. The character will get amount of gold and experince by doing some quest (collecting item, slain the monster, etc depend on the time) and if its possible i will add some upgrade features(armor, weapon, etc). Thats the idea, sound simple but i found its quite complicated.

Here the progress, you can play it here (2.5 MB size)

Game Progress :

  1. [ Jan, 06 ] Moving Engine, simple collision, character can move around the planet

Any suggestion, idea, critic, comment or any question? just drop me a comment