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Dwarf Village 2 Update

Dwarf Village 3D update

Time flies, 2014 is coming and I almost forgot that I have some pending project - the Dwarf Village 3D. Last year was very busy year, so i can't finish most of my grame project. So at this early 2014 I would like to start the project again and do some improvement. So what happen with this project?? take a look on this detail :


Dwarf Village 3D that I've made in 2013 is 70% done, I need to add a lot of stuff like breeding cattle, buying/selling stuff, talking with people etc. The main different with the first version is the game's control. Dwarf Village 3D is using keyboard instead of mouse. After playing the game, I just feel that the game is very similar with Harvest Moon series - and I think I have to bring it back to the original version of Dwarf Village (using mouse as main controller). In the middle of the changing keyboard to mouse, my computer crash and I've lost everything. I have to start from the begining - so I just give up and leave it.

July 2013 I've bought new PC and back to this project. I've install all the software that I need - and I've found that Flare3D has the new version. The new version of Flare3D is using .ZF3D file format instead of .F3D - so everything changed, and I have to make another adjustment. This made me almost giveup with this project.By the end of 2013 I have some spare time to develop game again, and I try to rewrite this game. After 2 weeks coding and redeveloping the graphics then I get a good progress - improving the game feature and add some stuff. So here the update of the Dwarf Village 3D :

Mouse Controlled Dwarf Village 3D

Now this game is using mouse as main controller - just similar with Dwarf Village 1. Another reason to use mouse is I want this game released on multiplatform (like android and iOS) in near future - because mouse event is almost similar with touch event, it would be great if this game is controlled with mouse right now


Controlling an 3D object base on mouse event using Flare3D is quite simple but tricky. It is very simple to get X and Y position when you click some 2D area, but in 3D, you need some thing to detect the mouse position base on the camera view. I use Tutorial 12 - mouse and plane on the Flare3D wiki, to detect the mouse position against the 3D plane. With that tutorial i can easily get the X and Y position - and add some simple A* pathfinding to the 3D object.

Done with the movement - I've add another Dwarf Village's features like breading some chicken, cows, and sheep.


Then the weather. Dwaft Village support 4 wheather that change the behaviour of the environment, the types of crops and the game textures. For the winter season, instead of changing the model with the snowy version - I just change the texture material so it save a lot of file size. Here the screenshot of different weather:


What next?

I need to add people, story line and some score system. Still a lot to do then - but I will try to do faster than last year. OK thanks for reading and drop me some feedback.

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