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My New School


Language competence is a model that prepares students to communicate with the functional language. The problems that arise in country like Indonesia are the methods of learning, education providers and the ability diversion of the students. From these problems then the objective English language competence can be achieved but not yet optimal.

On my previous research about the english conversation learning for non native speaker, I used the qualitative descriptive method with approach of critical discourse analysis. Field data were collected through interviews, questionnaires and through tracing research has been done before. The findings of the analysis are the problems in the implementation of teaching English at the level of Junior High School first grade. The analysis of the overall data obtained as a reference in producing (design) a product in the form of educational games. The conclusion of that research is that the main problem for a student when studying english as second language is they don't have any chance to implement the english directly - or they never use english for conversation in a real life.

In the other hand educational games as a form of learning media have a content that may indirectly take the players into a communication process. When involved in a communication process, the person is involved in a discourse. The discourse meant an event that is influenced by the topic of communication, interpersonal relationships, the parties who involved in communication and communication channels used in a socio-cultural context. So we can use educational game (PC game in this case) as a medium for a student to try using his/her english for real conversation.

The design of educational games "New School" using discourse competence approach that displayed representations of social conditions in the real world and then adapted in virtual form. By using sound input as main controllers, players are expected to improve their communication skills that include listening, speaking, and reading in the socio-cultural context as shown in the game.

Game Mechanic

There are so many english educational game, but we can't find any game that teach the player how to use english in real conversation. The form of this game is different from the other educational game because this game is using the player's voice as input - so any scenes / game flow / game story on the game will be contolled using the player's voice. There are simulations base on the real life about how to interact with other, every conversation that we made will determine what will happen next. Take a look on this simple game mechanic below :

game-system-using voice input

Gameplay Flowchart

There are two game modes : Exploring mode which using mouse to control the main character exploring the game's world, and conversation mode which is using the microphone to send a voice input to determine the next stage of the game.



Game Design

This game is using prerendered graphic. All the visual assets are designed in 3D software and rendered into isometric 2d sprites.



All the scenes in this game are based on the real world. Game will try as close as possible to duplicate/simulate the real world condition.


Game's GUI

Game's Screenshot

Game opening and microphone setup :

my-school-education game screenshots

my-school-education game screenshots

Voice detection (player have to read the sentence written on the board), limited time provided to read or to answer a question

my-school-education game screenshots

my-school-education game screenshots

Game objective(s) shown in the begining of the game

my-school-education game screenshots

my-school-education game screenshots

Main game play in 2 modes : Exploring and Conversation mode.

my-school-education game screenshots

my-school-education game screenshots
my-school-education game screenshots

my-school-education game screenshots

Game Link

I've made this game and it's 90% done (the 10% is the accuracy of voice recognition that is not perfect - only detect my voice frequency for now) and I will publish the game, when the game has better voice recognition.

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